Friday, July 1, 2016

Parent Alienation Syndrome P.A.S.

I am going through Parent Alienation from my children and it is a living hell.
I have not spoken out publicly until now to protect my children from further pain since my separation and divorce from their father. I do not see that that has been helpful though so am now trying to speak out to hopefully help the situation. There are no concrete solutions but I know that I have to do something or can very possibly lose them forever. I make no claims of being a perfect mother but I do love them all unconditionally and strongly from everything that is good in me. Parent Alienation Syndrome has no age limit and is also seen in adolescent and adult children. I have survived the lowest of lows through the grace of God, a good therapist and a few awesome friends. I do not blame my children in any way and do not want some kind of vengeance to their father. I hope to change some of the dysfunctions within the generations of our families. Please read the P.A.S. link to get an understanding of what I and many people are going through. As the target alienated parent it hard for me to fully understand or deal with. My children have just about cut me out of their lives for over two years now. Holidays have become painful and depressing. Please do not judge my children. My Ex-husband and I are the reason they are going through the pain and turmoil they live daily. For my children, I am sorry if this hurts you but I do not know what else to do to let you know that I do love you and always want and appreciate the grace of you in my life.

For a better understanding of (P.A.S.)Parent Alienation Syndrome please visit this link:

Below is a self-portrait I painted that representing the deep emptiness I feel every day. My paintings are normally filled with color and life. P.A.S. takes the color out of the best parts of my life.

P.A.S. by Dana Domas Diaz de Leon