Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some Stuff About My Stuff.

Dance Of The Peacocks”  by Dana Diaz de Leon  48" x 60"  

For me the Peacock symbolizes creation and passion.
A life filled with love and passion can create great things.

“Dance Of The Peacocks” represents two big passions in my life.
One, my love of painting. The paint drips like sustaining blood from their vibrant feathers. Painting brings my thoughts to life and brightens my world. The second thing this work represents is my love of music. Music not only stirs my soul but also my body. I literally must move to the consuming rhythms. I am swept within the rhythmic beats and reflective lyrics of a euphoric world.

Celebrate life. Everyday is a gift.
Be passionate with everything you love and believe in.
Go ahead and Dance with the Peacocks.

Dana Diaz de Leon

 Dandelion Meadow”   By Dana Diaz de Leon 36 " x  24"

My love of Dandelions comes from my childhood. You could find me often sitting in a warm meadow with them. I loved blowing the lovely seedling containing my dreams. I would imagine them to be little prima ballerinas dancing in the wind to a beautiful place.

While the Dandelion is a beautiful delicate flower it is actually a weed. It's deep roots make it a strong vibrant plant. The plant gives birth to many seedling that will make their own beautiful blooms. At the peak of their bloom they release their delicate seedlings into the wind. Each seeding then begins its journey to becoming it's own white beacon.

This weed that wishes and dreams are made upon is a gift from nature.
Blow you fears in the wind and bring your dreams to life.
Believing makes this world a more beautiful place.

Dana Diaz de Leon

You can find these two paintings of mine on exhibit at the CafĂ© Cioccolato Art Gallery, St. Louis.  Enjoy some of the finest gourmet chocolate and fine import specialty delights from around the world here also.